Data Lake

Today's data
is your future

You never know how data can be used when it is collected. The answer to this is Katulu’s data lake. All data that is gathered will be sent to the data lake. Sensor data, structured data, unstructured data, and even images and video footage. There is no need to structure or format the data before storing it. Only when the data is needed somewhere, the data is transformed or formatted in the way that is needed for the very application. The data lake offers the commonly used database protocols so it can be easily used with all data science solutions. As it holds valuable data assets and perhaps privacy relevant data, the data lake has strong role-based access control mechanisms and offers data encryption. A data lake is not a data warehouse. Both the data lake and the data warehouse are capable of storing huge amounts of data and make it available for analysis. The difference is that a data warehouse bundles different data sources. It is set up to provide data for a certain type of analysis. In contrast to the type of analysis does not need to be known when a data lake is created. So the data lake is a bank account for your data that is not yet but might become a valuable asset in the future.